Blossom Intertwined Wallart

Dipping in Wall Art

Happy to announce that my work is being exhibited at War2a. 

I was approached by the wonderfully talented interior designer Miriam Hamasni in July. Together, we crafted a vision to transform my art into wall art and customized wallpaper. The mission is to encourage Lebanese art and emerging artists in and outside of Lebanon amidst the pandemic and the economic crisis. 

Unfortunately, our lives were altered on the 4th of August 2020 when the storage of ammonium nitrate detonated and engulfed our beautiful city. The explosion took many lives, injured many and scarred us all.

Worst of all, the oligarchs that ruled our country who were informed of the mismanagement, location and danger of the storage did nothing to prevent it or alleviate the mental and physical damage. In the country, they attempted to steal the broken homes, use violence against the heartbroken protesters, steal foreign aid and make more money. Our blood is on their hands.

However, we did not give up. Art represents freedom of speech and happiness. The goal all along was to make accessible and affordable wall art to brighten people’s lives. Now, more than ever, this message prevails, especially for people who are reconstructing and recreating their homes.

The artworks that I have created were inspired by that. The first batch “Blossom Intertwined,” represents the interconnectivity of nature and of lives. The paintings are made of watercolour and ink on paper, which are mediums that generate amazing textures and effects. 

One painting is in colour and the other one is in black monochrome.          Each has a different aesthetic and feel to it.

In this piece of wallpaper, I hope that people can have a piece of accessible nature and art in their homes. 


You can view it at your leisure on my (newly made) Artist Instagram page @danielle.krikorian.                                                                                                       If you’re interested in having my artworks on your wall please contact @war2_wallpaper.